Our Glory Story


The Master's Cakes and Sweets was established in 2014, after the immense success of the chain of similar shops located in the interior of the Market Arena.

We are the specialists in the art of baking and making beautiful shiny cakes, delectably glossy pastries, and beautifully baked tarts and pies. We are dedicated to serving our customers a wide variety of Designer Eggless Cakes and most appetizing, palatable and flavorful food from the Italian, Chinese and Indian Cuisines giving the authentic recipes The Master's touch to suit Indian taste for any small to big celebration one would most joyfully host.

We have gracefully entered the world of sweets and are known to turn the game around creating a delicious mind whirling ruckus all over the market. We promise to perfectly stimulate not just your taste buds but each of your facial nerves, now having formed to be a Brand serving THE BEST BAKLAVA and THE MOST SATISFYING SAPID TURKISH SWEETS unsurpassed by any of those that could ever be found in any part of the capital city.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on;
and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

(Courtesy: William Shakespeare)